The importance of therapy

Before 9-11, I thought therapy was for people with no friends. Even started writing a song about it: “You can buy a friend for $12 an hour…”  (That line was not actually about a therapist but a home health aide. Point is made.) To me having no friends was an…


August 8, 2014 A week ago, I started taking gabapentin as an anti-anxiety. The first time taking this medication, it started working within 24 hours. The first few nights, I slept well and through the night. I had no grogginess after waking up and was more alert during the day….

We Are All Colored

One morning, passing a pair of men on the street I said, “G’morning!” “What?!” one of them caustically replied with a wrinkled forehead. They were both of African descent. Having Black friends for most of my life, I’ve heard about their struggle to be accepted regardless of their skin color….

Healthy Boundaries

One important lesson I’ve been learning in the healing process is how to say “No.” This was not easy for me having been sexually molested as a child. Instead of saying No, my shame and depravity had silenced me in numbness leading to date rape situations in adulthood. Had I…