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About this Blog

On September 11, 2001, I watched the World Trade Center fall from the neighborhood where I lived. After it fell, I went to Brooklyn Hospital and volunteered until 5 o’clock the following morning, went home to my apartment contaminated by the dust, and later got sick and lost my job. I lived for ten years in denial that 9-11 had affected me. It took heart arrhythmias and the ten-year anniversary to convince me to go to the World Trade Center health clinic. Another 6 months later, I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In early 2013, I started learning how debilitating PTSD can be and decided to write about it. Reason 1, to give myself a project that is motivating, as living with PTSD can be like living with no motivation. Reason 2, to help others with PTSD by sharing experiences and ideas. Helping others is motivating in itself.

If you have PTSD, you are not alone.

Though I’ve since healed tremendously and no longer have the same debilitating mental struggles, I try to document as much as possible about living with PTSD. Sometimes I write about other topics besides PTSD.

Before 2013, this blog was almost all about motorcycles and riding them. I enjoyed sharing information about them, especially since I owned vintage bikes that few mechanics knew how to fix. Little did I know how much motorcycles had been helping me cope with a psychological injury I didn’t know I had.

Welcome to my story.

About Me

I’ve been a tech employee, an actress, an author, a musician/songwriter/producer, a visual artist, an entrepreneur, an architect, a restaurant worker, and a tomboy. I am a lifelong learner, a believer in a higher power, a rider, a cisgender female, a problem solver, an innovator, an activist, a born American, and now a clinical counselor.

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