Two Weeks After The Nightmare; and An Unemployment Test

Finally feeling better after my death nightmare. My mind is still a bit foggy, but I feel confident enough to work; an office job, that is. Our Messed Up Employment System The US Labor Department is antiquated. It’s still geared toward physical labor, not toward white-collar work. This is evidenced in the questions that must be answered in … Continue readingTwo Weeks After The Nightmare; and An Unemployment Test


Dr. Zng taught me that PTSD patients may regress to behaviors that reflect childhood experiences. My grocery shopping hardships reflect how during my childhood my mother made most of the decisions. I was not allowed to make decisions on my own. For example, I wanted to play cello, but my mother wouldn’t allow it, because … Continue readingRegressions


This week I learned that hoarding is a common activity of PTSD patients. I learned this from my new therapist, Dr. Zng, at the World Trade Center Health Program in New York City. I don’t know Dr. Zng’s first name. She is the first therapist I’ve ever had whose first name I did not know. … Continue readingHoarding

Life Improves with an Idea for a Non-Profit

With PTSD symptoms disappearing or being less frequent, I began to enjoy everyday activities again. Unfortunately, enjoying life more also made me less appreciative of my job. A manager at the company could see I was no longer happy there, and since they were making budget cuts, they let me go with a decent package. … Continue readingLife Improves with an Idea for a Non-Profit