Alleviating Depression

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Three posts in three days = struggling a lot.

Having trouble concentrating at work. My thoughts keep turning toward some difficult events: losing my beloved friend who helped me after 9/11 to injuries from a car accident, having a miscarriage, and then learning about a potential co-parent’s desire for an abortion if the unborn child had Down Syndrome. Life overall has been unkind. No wonder I’m depressed. But I have to work.

In a moment of feeling the depression get worse, I remembered what my friend and TIPI mentor Cedric Bertelli said, which was to practice sensory regulation at depression’s peak. So, I closed my eyes and looked for physical sensations. This time, I felt bated breath and tension in my shoulders that moved slowly down my back. My breathing returned to normal without trying. Opened my eyes and the depression is not as bad as it was. I will put focus back on work.

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