Recurring Bronchitis

Physical problems often accompany PTSD. Many with PTSD also are diagnosed with fibromyalgia for example. I’ve overcome many of my physical problems including fibromyalgia while becoming certified to apply the emotional regulation process to somatic problems. But I still have problems with my lungs, not because of PTSD but because I was exposed to World … Continue readingRecurring Bronchitis

What failing working memory looks like

I’m in graduate school to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor.  As a Vassar graduate, the work is relatively easy.  (Vassar was rated the second-most difficult school to graduate in a survey by US News and World Report back in the 1990s.)  But if I don’t have tools in place to accommodate my poor … Continue readingWhat failing working memory looks like

Build Acceptance of Service Animals

The Americans with Disabilities Acts recognizes dogs as service animals because they can be trained to do specific tasks and they are not limited from traveling like hooved animals are.  Pigs are smart and can be trained, but they can’t exactly curl up at their handlers’ feet on an airplane.  Maybe one day pigs will … Continue readingBuild Acceptance of Service Animals

9/11 in 2018

Yesterday was the first 9/11 I didn’t feel angry or depressed since that fateful day.  I’m still having trouble sleeping without Penny right next to me.  Each night I try letting her sleep by herself, but eventually call her over.  And I realize I still have a hard time concentrating on one writing task for … Continue reading9/11 in 2018

You Can Fight for Disability Justice Too

The one positive aspect of PTSD’s hypervigilance is the ability to turn the energy into something positive.  I think many people who have faced trauma involving a threat to life become activists.  I certainly have, and I want to encourage more people to become activists.  This does not necessarily mean attending rallies or marching in … Continue readingYou Can Fight for Disability Justice Too

The Difference Between Emotional Support and Service Animals

On one airline’s website, which I checked before booking a flight, the text differentiates between emotional support animals, “psychiatric service” animals, and service animals for more obvious needs such as sight and hearing assistance.  The webpage grouped emotional support and psychiatric service animals together.  This troubled me, because according to the ADA, there is no … Continue readingThe Difference Between Emotional Support and Service Animals