How I Healed From PTSD

In this video I explain and demonstrate — on a live emotion — how I practice somatic quieting using Emotional Resolution, a methodology for somatic quieting taught by the Emotional Health Institute. For more about somatic quieting, visit This technique is how I healed from post-traumatic stress disorder, which I acquired on the night … Continue readingHow I Healed From PTSD

Recurring Bronchitis

Physical problems often accompany PTSD. Many with PTSD also are diagnosed with fibromyalgia for example. I’ve overcome many of my physical problems including fibromyalgia while becoming certified to apply the emotional regulation process to somatic problems. But I still have problems with my lungs, not because of PTSD but because I was exposed to World … Continue readingRecurring Bronchitis

Life Improves with an Idea for a Non-Profit

With PTSD symptoms disappearing or being less frequent, I began to enjoy everyday activities again. Unfortunately, enjoying life more also made me less appreciative of my job. A manager at the company could see I was no longer happy there, and since they were making budget cuts, they let me go with a decent package. … Continue readingLife Improves with an Idea for a Non-Profit

New Title

It’s common among well-known authors for them to have written three books before becoming financially successful with book sales. My first book (tongue in cheek), AlphaDog, Get The Bitch You Want still sells through Amazon and Kindle. I want to write a book about PTSD, but I want it to be the book that gives … Continue readingNew Title

Making Space: When a victim does you wrong

Trauma can be devastating enough to cause a person to behave irrationally. Sometimes the irrationality hurts people the victim cares about. I had a friend like this back in the days before I knew I had PTSD. Julie was a victim of rape when she was a young teen and never told anyone about it before me. … Continue readingMaking Space: When a victim does you wrong

FasTrak’s Valentine’s Day Letter

I’ve heard a lot of complaining since moving to San Francisco. Maybe it’s the people I’m around. But then, I’ve noticed that relatively few drivers wave “thank you” when their cars are let in front. Very few people look up and say a greeting when passing by. And just as few people seem willing to … Continue readingFasTrak’s Valentine’s Day Letter

Inclement Weather (Why Riders Must Lock Their Motorcycles’ Steering Columns)

Yesterday it rained. It was also windy. So windy that it knocked a motorcycle over. I stopped to pick it up, as any neighborly rider would do. But I could not do it by myself because the handlebars were not locked. If there is any one thing I always do when parking my bike, besides … Continue readingInclement Weather (Why Riders Must Lock Their Motorcycles’ Steering Columns)

These Memories Never Go Away

Months have now passed without an anxiety attack or any generalized anxiety. I’ve had a couple of nightmares, but they were not related to 9-11. One would think that for someone recovering from PTSD that this would mean the memories would not return. But this is not so. I have another physical impairment to remind … Continue readingThese Memories Never Go Away