How I Healed From PTSD

In this video I explain and demonstrate — on a live emotion — how I practice somatic quieting using Emotional Resolution, a methodology for somatic quieting taught by the Emotional Health Institute. For more about somatic quieting, visit This technique is how I healed from post-traumatic stress disorder, which I acquired on the night … Continue readingHow I Healed From PTSD

What failing working memory looks like

I’m in graduate school to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor.  As a Vassar graduate, the work is relatively easy.  (Vassar was rated the second-most difficult school to graduate in a survey by US News and World Report back in the 1990s.)  But if I don’t have tools in place to accommodate my poor … Continue readingWhat failing working memory looks like

9/11 in 2018

Yesterday was the first 9/11 I didn’t feel angry or depressed since that fateful day.  I’m still having trouble sleeping without Penny right next to me.  Each night I try letting her sleep by herself, but eventually call her over.  And I realize I still have a hard time concentrating on one writing task for … Continue reading9/11 in 2018