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Eleven years ago, I was breathing the dust of the World Trade Center in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. A few months later, i was too sick to work and lost my job. I received no unemployment, didn’t apply, because I did not know how sick I was. It was months before going to the emergency room and being told I had chronic bronchitis. Other than a medical doctor, I did not seek help emotionally until 2011, ten years after 9-11. After a year of therapy through the Zadroga Act and the WTC Health Clinic, I’m faced with debilitating depression and realize I have to leave my home of 19 years in order to heal.

What better way to begin a new journey than a ride across the country to a new home in San Francisco?

The problem is how with low funds and a 13 pound dog on a raw diet?

The dog part I’ve got figured out. I will stock a day or 2 max of dog food at a time in air tight containers and mix her food from store bought meat and veggies. Heck, I’ll make my own dinner from it. She has a nice little fur-lined bag, and I’ll throw in a real fur to help her stay warm on cold rides.

Then there’s budget. Can I make it across the country with a few hundred dollars raised from selling my crap? I will need to stop during the week to put in time at work, if I still have my job. I’ve thus far been able to work remotely from time to time. One trip across the country shouldn’t prevent me from continuing. I would work 5 hours, and hit the road for 5. (The job is in limbo after announcing my move but not completely gone.)

The exact route isn’t decided yet, mostly because I don’t know what the temperatures will be at the end of December. I’ll start the trip before January when it gets frigid in New York. Hopefully, I won’t have to spend more than a few hours in sub 40-degree temperatures. I suppose I could scrape to buy some electric warmers or find some used.

Here’s a map of a route via Baltimore and Memphis:

There’s nothing more exciting to me (aside from being with new love) than a trek on a bike. Though I could use all the help I can get. I’ll probably need help with my carburetors at some point as well. Finicky Suzuki GS carbs. Anyway, looking forward to making this trip happen. Aiming to leave on the Friday before Christmas. If I can cover enough miles, maybe I won’t have to check in until I’m there.

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