Fighting the Abyss

I’m back home in Brooklyn. It feels like home. But when I look at my stacks of collections that need sorting I could sense my mind drifting toward a hole. I’ve learned from overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder how to make lists. Before allowing my mind to sink into the abyss of oblivion, I started making a mental list before searching for a piece of paper and pen. I ended up writing this.

It helps that my roommate is here. She is supportive. Her baby coos. The baby’s father also is soothing in his calm presence. It helps his voice is also gentle and he’s a former Marine. They made every effort to make me comfortable by cleaning and tidying. I have been undervaluing them.

I’ve decided to get rid of as much as possible. Looking at things reminds me of those ten years without a clue of why life was so difficult. Some things I will keep, reminders of people during those ten years who helped me. Louis, electrician of Pallywag, Inc., rewired my whole apartment out of the goodness of his heart. He included an antique hanging glass lamp and a ceiling fan salvaged from jobs. Those will stay. It’s because of people like him that I am still here and alive.

The rest of the apartment needs an overhaul. It’s time to live in the light again. It’s a good excuse to start over.

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