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One recent day after therapy, I came across a storefront filled with classic and vintage audio equipment. My 70s-inner-child delighted in the display and pushed me to go inside.

“Hello. Welcome!” said the man behind the counter.

“Do you have a Marantz by chance?” I asked.

“Oh, you know about Marantz?”

Yes, and a lot of other things. In a short fifteen minutes or so we shared a little bit of our knowledge with each other, bantering back and forth on topics like politics and destruction of the environment. And I told him about this blog, how it started as a site about learning to ride motorcycles, became about fixing them, and then about living with PTSD. But now that I’ve mostly healed from PTSD, I’m ready to move on onto other topics.

“People will read it,” he said, referring to sharing little known yet important facts about the various topics we discussed. “My name is Frank. Come back and visit.”

In just a fraction of an hour, my focus for changed. I no longer feel a need to write about my personal experience with PTSD. When this blog became about PTSD, I was disabled from it. Now that PTSD experience empowers me. PTSD gave me a different perspective on life. It opened my eyes to hidden truths and taught me the value of life and death. Most people don’t care about PTSD, though they should, because it affects them even if they don’t realize it. So, how does one reach those who are unaware? From now on, I shall write about other topics. I might write about a celebrity if that celebrity does something amazing for humanity. I might write about fashion and how it may be causing the shrinking of human and marine animal genitalia. I will probably write more about motorcycles, my number one unsustainable vice; at least they’re not muscle car gas guzzlers. And I will likely write about PTSD, but from a more scholarly angle.

I haven’t returned to visit Frank yet, but when I do, will be about frank talk. I imagine that I will visit him on my last day of therapy. Soon I will graduate from the 9/11 mental health clinic. The memories of the burning towers are more distant than before. As this ride of life carries me farther away, I will explore more of the open road and continue to share its sights.

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