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In 2008, I was unable to keep a job longer than a week. My anxiety from PTSD was so high, I could barely complete a PowerPoint document for the advertising and media companies I had worked for for years. I took out a loan against my home equity and wrote a book. In one year, I self-published AlphaDog, Get The Bitch You Want: a Man’s Guide to Dating by a Woman under the moniker Wing Girl Kim and ordered 2,000 prints to send out in order to market it.

After a few months of self-promotion, being a self-published author with a selling book also became too difficult for me to handle. Over 1,500 books sat in storage for four and a half years.

Now the books are going to the masses for free. Or maybe as Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas, book recipients!

At lunchtime today, I passed out books on the F train, and then, in Union Square. It wasn’t easy in Union Square. A lot of people didn’t want any and wouldn’t give the time to even see what it’s about. The subway was easier. Once one person accepted, five more also took books. Now I’m getting ready to head to Penn Station for the after work rush. The best part about giving them out is the conversations with curious and inquisitive people.

After these books are gone, I plan to focus on writing a book about post-9-11 living with PTSD.


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