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This past weekend (August 21, 2010) was an annual hot rod event in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Hundreds of hot rod and bike owners came out to display their projects. Here are some photos:

A bunch of photos of cars and bikes

Harley for sale.

An old BMW.

This guy with the helmet makes custom leather seats. Tres cool. I think he builds custom bikes, too. I’m not sure ’cause, well, he was on his way out and I didn’t get to talk to him much.

One of his work. (To the helmet-wearing guy: Hey, I couldn’t find your site.)

Check out the air filter. Cymbals.

I like the stick head.

Indian original!

This little thing is a “Vespa 400”

Two custom bicycles

After getting back from the hot rod show, we saw these two bikes built by Local Cycles in Long Beach, New York (on Long Island). They parked, then biked 3 miles to the show.

Parking at the hot rod show

This pic looks like it might be at the vintage bike show. But it was just a bunch of bikes parked outside the hot rod show. Motorcycle parking only!

The next day, we went to the vintage motorcycle show. More pics to come!

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