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In order to ride Molly again, I would have to remove her engine to get the stator coils. Since there isn’t much time to work on her (since I’m not yet independently wealthy to do whatever I want) before our trip in the Northeast this Labor Day weekend, Jason and I acquired Flo, a 1983 Suzuki GS550e.
1983 Suzuki GS550 at Port Washington Ferry, Long Island, NY

The first time I saw this Suzuki, I didn’t know what to think. I was still sad that Molly broke down and needed so much work. But once I got on this bike, she got her name. Flo is quick, responsive, and fun to ride. Much more fun than the CL360 or the CX550. Flo’s model is GS550, but her displacement is really 572ccs. She’s got 4 cylinders. She’s the first 4-cylinder i’ve ever ridden. And she’s about 70 pounds lighter than Molly. That’s a big difference for me at 125 pounds. I might be able to lift her if she falls.

The first weekend I rode her, it rained. Her tires are relatively new, so I didn’t worry.

She needs some work– cleaning of her idle jet and carburetors (there are two), an oil change. Maybe replacement of covers for the ignition points and petcock. But that’s about it. I haven’t looked forward to riding as much as when we first got Georgia (the CL360).

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  1. Actually the GS was not that much lighter than the CX. And I could not lift the Suzuki by myself after it fell.

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