My first 3-mile ride

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Since Jason went straight to the shop to get Georgia, I went to meet him and ride home with him. But the shop’s location is on a busy street, and I wasn’t ready to ride a four-lane street. So, Jason took Georgia to Williamsburg, a familiar neighborhood about 3 miles from home. Then he took a car service to the shop to get his bike.

We met up just before the sun went down. I wore a 3/4 helmet with sunglasses. According to Jason and my MSF instructor, I’m a natural. So, he didn’t worry about me wearing that helmet on these slower streets.

I made a couple mistakes in turns. One was starting into a turn, the other was taking a turn too fast and going wide. But we made it home safely. It was my first real ride. We took the most quiet streets, avoiding lane changes and rough pavement. I got up to 35 miles per hour in 4th gear.

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