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My last blog post was about dissociation, and a bad day of it. It’s important for anyone, but especially a person with PTSD, to have something he or she can do to provide mental relief. For me, it’s riding motors on two wheels. At the end of a work day and a very foggy brain, I needed relief.

Unfortunately, I don’t own any more motorcycles. I sold Gwen, my Triumph Street Triple, and I sold Pinto Bean, a little Honda Metropolitan moped.

Thank God for Scoot Networks.

Scoots from Scoot Networks are red community-shared electric scooters with about as much power as a 50cc moped, except with much better torque. Several months ago, I did some side work for Scoot swapping out dead batteries for charged ones and moving near-dead scoots to charging stations. I had to stop this work, though, because my day job became too cumbersome, and I needed rest.

But riding Scoots became a great escape, so I continue to ride them to this day. They are light, easy to maneuver, are all-electric and don’t pollute the atmosphere, and best of all, they are motors on two wheels.

At the end of that dissociated day, I got on a Scoot and immediately my mood lifted and a smile appeared.

If you have PTSD but don’t have a means of mental relief, find one. It could be finding a favorite hangout or an activity. Make it your priority.

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