New Title

It’s common among well-known authors for them to have written three books before becoming financially successful with book sales. My first book (tongue in cheek), AlphaDog, Get The Bitch You Want still sells through Amazon and Kindle.

I want to write a book about PTSD, but I want it to be the book that gives me financial freedom. Do I write another book so that the PTSD title is my third? Cheryl Strayed released two books at once, Wild being her New York Times bestseller.

The title for AlphaDog came after writing for about six weeks. I’ve been working on this PTSD project for two years now, and I don’t have a title for a book yet. Though, today I thought of Oblivion. Living with PTSD is much like living in oblivion in different ways, including dissociation. Needs a subtitle.

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