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There’s nothing like the camaraderie of a community. A lot of people from the biker community and enthusiasts attended the Harley-Davidson art show. The common thread, two-wheeled motorized vehicles.

I had the opportunity to meet many of the artists who were part of the Art of Rebellion show. Each person’s work inspiring or inspired by biker culture in his or her own way. Here are some photos of artists and their works:

Dirty Donny Dirty Donny
Frank Kozik Frank Kozik
Frank Kozik tank and fender Frank Kozik’s tank and fender
Tara McPhersonTara McPherson
Harpoon Harpoon
The Pizz and Harpoon The Pizz and Harpoon with Harpoon’s art
Art by The Pizz Art by The Pizz
Lindsey Kuhn's work Art by Lindsey Kuhn
John Van Hamersveld's work Art by John Van Hamersveld
Brian Ewing's work Art by Brian Ewing
Choppered 883 A choppered-out 883 with a tank by Jaymes at Blue Moon Kustoms

It was fun seeing my old friend Poull, who promoted the party…

Poull Brien Promoter Poull Brien

…and making new friends

Angela Angela Maria Nardolillo, bike enthusiast and video game designer

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet all the artists or any of the photographers. Check out the Art of Rebellion website for the tour and more photos. Cool stuff.

Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for the beer, Poland Spring for the water, all the artists and photographers for the beautiful art, and Harley Davidson for the rockin exhibit.

Tank by The Pizz Tank by The Pizz

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