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After 2 hours on the road, all I can say is, “I’m pooped.”

I’ve got to write this down, because I don’t want to forget what it was like riding on the highway for the first time.

I had no idea how fast I was going until asking Jason, because my speedometer gets stuck between 50 and 60. I knew we weren’t going that fast. It felt windy, so I kept the speed a bit slow. Little did I realize that the wind I felt was from riding. The air was actually pretty still.

Now that I’m aware of how windy it feels in the driver’s position, I’ll probably roll the throttle just a little more tomorrow.

We spent about an hour on highways. Even though our route was supposed to take us onto winding slow roads, I missed an exit and kept going until there seemed to be an alternate route. Though there was an opportunity to get back on the planned route, I decided to stay on the highway. It was a winding highway– fun to ride.

Molly rode triumphantly.

We got to our destination, the Cider Mill Inn, a bed and breakfast in Pine Island, New York. It’s a quaint house just off County Road 26 in Orange County with a tepid pool and all kinds of charm. And wifi. After checking in and a dip in the pool, we took off toward the village of Warwick.

The roads were pleasant under the trees with plenty of curves and clear pavement with just a few areas of farm dirt from tractor wheels and some other rough spots from road wear. We took Route 1, Pine Island Turnpike, enjoyed the scenic ride, then parked on Main Street and walked around.

On a Saturday evening, the town was quiet. But we found a nice place to eat with air conditioning and friendly waitresses next door to an antique shop that offered complimentary local fruit, I guess because there was so much. Nice welcome.

Tomorrow we hit the winding roads again. Gotta remember to check Molly front end before we leave.

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