Sensory Emotional Regulation Working

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After a hard day yesterday, I visited my TIPI mentor, Cedric. He advised me to work on the phone call trigger. I didn’t think I could relive that moment. I don’t remember what the caller said. I only remember starting to cry and having a hard time saying anything. So I relived the exact moment her question ended and I started crying with the phone to my ear. It took two sessions and there were two sets of sensations. Both sets of sensations were dynamic though the second also had difficult breathing. It can be hard to try not to control difficult breathing, but this is key for effective sensory regulation. The breathing took longest to calm. I allowed my lungs to let out a sigh without trying, and then I felt relaxed.

After those two back to back sessions reliving the phone call, I felt calm again. Myself again. I skipped the Gabapentin and woke up this morning feeling fine. Even work is easier now.

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