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My plan to write about the tiny houses where I stayed during my cross-continent trip from San Francisco to Brooklyn is on a backburner. That is because the moving company that left with 13 items of mine arrived in Brooklyn with only 12. The missing piece is a print, called “5 Horsemen” by Dean Meeker of Wisconsin.

When I first arrived in San Francisco, I had lost my job among lay-offs. An angel/friend gave me some money to make a home out of the rental I moved into. I didn’t buy much, but I did buy this print.

5 Horsemen by Dean Meeker

On my darkest days, I looked at this print in the morning, and it helped me get out of bed. These were five men on horses coming with support. Maybe it wasn’t to support me personally, but it was supporting someone. It didn’t matter who. But I would imagine being the one they came to support, and I got up.

It makes sense that the moving company, Cal Van Lines, would choose my property to take. As far as they know, I was moving across the country from San Francisco to New York City. In order to file a police report for this type of situation, the report must be filed in the location where the missing item was last seen. San Francisco only files police reports in person. That would mean I would have to be in San Francisco. Well, guess what. I’m in San Francisco, waiting for police officers to arrive to take my report. If I were Cal Van Lines, I would return that artwork now.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing to galleries and art houses that are familiar with Dean Meeker’s work. And now posting an image of it hanging on the wall of my room where I used to look up at it. If anyone sees it, please contact me! Thanks.

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