The Other Side of Suicide

Kate Spade a few days ago, Anthony Bourdain today. Hung by themselves. We tend to think that when people commit suicide, they are depressed. While depression may be a factor, in the moments before a person actually commits the act, feelings of depression may be relieved by the very-final decision….

Photo of lone man

Reaching a stranger (Stopping suicide)

Do you ever see a person on the street and wonder if that person is suicidal?  I often wonder this, and it is one of the reasons why I talk to strangers, including the homeless. Today, while walking Penny, I met a person who I will refer to as DM,…

How to move across the country

Eleven years ago, I was breathing the dust of the World Trade Center in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. A few months later, i was too sick to work and lost my job. I received no unemployment, didn’t apply, because I did not know how sick I was. It was…