Pulmonary Troubles

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Today, I stayed home from work. Last night, my breathing started to get difficult. This morning, I felt lethargic. I can feel phlegm building up at the bottom of my throat and in my chest. My breaths are heavier than normal. I’m tired and a little dizzy.

I rejoined the WTC Nationwide Health Program, courtesy of the Zadroga Act. I had left the program feeling it was useless for me, because my tests came out negative, and I wasn’t getting help for my cough. Then, after a negative experience with a renowned pulmonary specialist who just wanted to give me medication but not a diagnosis, I re-enrolled.

The program is administered by Logistics Health, Inc., or LHI, in Wisconsin. LHI had a rough start, but it seems the company has been more proactive in improving their service. I called LHI so that a record could be made that I did not go to work today because of how I feel. Pulmonary tests never happen when I feel sick. A “care” representative answered the phone. When she announced that she is a nurse, I felt supported and appreciative tears filled my eyes for this service LHI provides. The nurse was understanding and put our conversation in their records. I will see a doctor in a couple weeks.

After the call, my dog, Penny, came to sit next to me. She watched me as I had a meltdown.

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